A trip to the past – Anne Frank Huis

A visit to Amsterdam would be incomplete without a visit to the Anne Frank Huis (House). Most of us would have come across the life of Anne Frank at school and I was excited to finally get to visit the house, which incidentally has now been converted into a museum. The house is located next to the canal on a busy side street of Amsterdam, you would find it difficult to fathom the history behind the house were it not for the long queues outside the building. I felt that I was in a time machine being transported back in time. While walking though the house, you get to experience two aspects of mankind, one is our ability to be ingenious, the second which is quite disturbing is our ability to inflict pain on others for a cause that we believe in. Does history really teach us anything?

Tips : During the summer you can experience long queues outside the museum, hence it would make sense to get to the museum early in the morning to avoid the rush. I do not know how much it would help since there would be quite a few people who would have thought the same, so be prepared for some wait outside.

All the information regarding opening hours , how to get there etc is available at



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