Prague – A castle, concert halls, Kafka and Trdelnik .

My perception of Prague were shaped by the the historical events that resulted in the formation of Czech republic and the literature of Kafka that I stumbled upon during my college days. Metamorphosis and The Trial took me to a world that was different from what I had experienced in literature until then. The Velvet revolution that culminated in a peaceful transfer of power from a communist regime to a democratic one, resulted in a writer- Vaclav Havel becoming the head of state, which further impressed a teenager growing up miles away and lay the seeds of desire to visit the country. The arrival of Pavel Nedved into the world of football, his flowing style of playing the beautiful game further flamed the wishes to visit the country.

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Over the years I have come across many quotes of Paris, but the one that has particularly interested me is the one by Jefferson ( A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the Point of Life).  My trip to Paris, provided me an opportunity to experience Jefferson’s quote.

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