Munich – The Bavarian experience

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria and Germany's most populous city. It has something for everyone, beer halls, neo-gothic buildings, WWII concentration camp sites , museums and even an eye catching football stadium for the football fanatics. About Munich : Wikipedia entry about Munich. Munich : An entry from encyclopedia Britannica about the history , geography.... Continue Reading →


Prague – A castle, concert halls, Kafka and Trdelnik .

My perception of Prague were shaped by the the historical events that resulted in the formation of Czech republic and the literature of Kafka that I stumbled upon during my college days. Metamorphosis and The Trial took me to a world that was different from what I had experienced in literature until then. The Velvet revolution... Continue Reading →


  Over the years I have come across many quotes of Paris, but the one that has particularly interested me is the one by Jefferson ( A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the Point of Life).  My trip to Paris, provided me an opportunity to experience Jefferson's quote. What... Continue Reading →

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